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Nicolas Cage is the Man.

A friend sent me this video a week ago and it made my day.  I never realized how great Nicolas Cage was until I watched this video.  Enjoy!



My good friend, Will Kearney, just launched one of the best blog’s in the history of the blogesphere,  Kearney describes “Dag, yo” as:

 “all encompassing; the phrase captures everything from the regret you felt when you ordered regular fries at 5 Guys and then later realized that they had Cajun fries – to the surprise you felt when you found out WikiLeaks was not in fact a Will Smith/Sisqo follow up track to Wiki-Wiki-Wild-Wild-West. ”    

While there have only been two posts thus far, both are intelligent, witty and poignant.  The first post takes on the ridiculousness of  the NJ Transit schedule/inevitable delays and even provides a great solution to the problem. While the second post exposes the Gillette’s non-existent pricing model.

This blog has unlimited potential to continue it’s greatness and I think everyone should do themselves a favor and check it out.  Dag, yo!

This is a Real Commercial.

I just saw this commercial on TV.

Rejected VH1 SMS Blast Copy

Each week (at work) we put out a weekly wrap-up of VH1’s hottest content and yours truly writes copy for the SMS blast message.  Here is some copy I wrote that got rejected almost immediately:

  •   VH1: Boo!  Did we scare you? Oh, sorry.  No seriously, come back.  We have some spooky celebrity costumes & also a lot of side boob! Continue reading

The Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Most people don’t know this about me, because I try to hide the crazy until it’s too late for a quick escape but, I have a tendency to create initialisms of virtually everything people say to me.  One phrase I hear all the time is ‘Just The Tip’.  For those of you who don’t know (which is probably no one who is reading this blog) ‘just the tip’ refers to placing the tip of a man’s penis into your vagina when you’re fooling around.  Typically this is not considered ‘sex’ (even though it 100% is sex by definition) and allows the girl to justify how much she is not a whore the next morning when she’s explaing to her friends why her sex number has not gone up even though a new man was inside of her. 

I digress…

Continue reading

Just When I Thought I Couldn’t Love Paul Rudd Any More

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Paul Rudd.  He is the only celebrity that I actually would care to say that I care about ever.  He’s a dream.  Anyway – I really thought I was at capacity for how much I could love/admire someone I hadn’t met without being psycho, but also I was shown this magnificent video yesterday and it’s as if I’m watching ‘Clueless’ for the first time all over again.

Do You Have 10″ Nipples? Then Where Do You Buy Your Bras?


I don’t normally frequent Home Depot, but I went last month and was pleasantly surprised to find that they could service all my nipple needs, no matter the size.