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The Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Most people don’t know this about me, because I try to hide the crazy until it’s too late for a quick escape but, I have a tendency to create initialisms of virtually everything people say to me.  One phrase I hear all the time is ‘Just The Tip’.  For those of you who don’t know (which is probably no one who is reading this blog) ‘just the tip’ refers to placing the tip of a man’s penis into your vagina when you’re fooling around.  Typically this is not considered ‘sex’ (even though it 100% is sex by definition) and allows the girl to justify how much she is not a whore the next morning when she’s explaing to her friends why her sex number has not gone up even though a new man was inside of her. 

I digress…

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Mexican Birth Control? Better Wear a Condom.

On Sunday I put my acting skillz to work in a music video for a very talented rock band called Midnight Spin.

The video was shot in a warehouse that housed all sorts of medical models and boxes full of god knows what (what I specifically saw were fake vaginas, spleens, a larger than life galbladder and boobs of all sizes).  One of the boxes particularly intrigued me.

Plants Do People Things Too!



ouch a splinter!

ouch a splinter!

Especially doggy style sex sometimes!