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Rejected VH1 SMS Blast Copy

Each week (at work) we put out a weekly wrap-up of VH1’s hottest content and yours truly writes copy for the SMS blast message.  Here is some copy I wrote that got rejected almost immediately:

  •   VH1: Boo!  Did we scare you? Oh, sorry.  No seriously, come back.  We have some spooky celebrity costumes & also a lot of side boob! Continue reading

Critical Information

 Thank you facebook friend, next time I’m at your house (never) I’ll make sure to take my top off before entering.

Never Before Seen Kendra Wilkinson Body Painted!

Well everyone knows that Kendra Wilkinson,

of E! channel’s ‘Girls Next Door‘ and ‘Kendra‘,

met Hugh Hefner when she was

one of the naked girls running around

wearing only body paint at one of his crazay parties.

Duhhh…by why such an appeal?

He sees naked ladies all day errry-day?


Now I totally get it.