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My good friend, Will Kearney, just launched one of the best blog’s in the history of the blogesphere,  Kearney describes “Dag, yo” as:

 “all encompassing; the phrase captures everything from the regret you felt when you ordered regular fries at 5 Guys and then later realized that they had Cajun fries – to the surprise you felt when you found out WikiLeaks was not in fact a Will Smith/Sisqo follow up track to Wiki-Wiki-Wild-Wild-West. ”    

While there have only been two posts thus far, both are intelligent, witty and poignant.  The first post takes on the ridiculousness of  the NJ Transit schedule/inevitable delays and even provides a great solution to the problem. While the second post exposes the Gillette’s non-existent pricing model.

This blog has unlimited potential to continue it’s greatness and I think everyone should do themselves a favor and check it out.  Dag, yo!