Rejected VH1 SMS Blast Copy

Each week (at work) we put out a weekly wrap-up of VH1’s hottest content and yours truly writes copy for the SMS blast message.  Here is some copy I wrote that got rejected almost immediately:

  •   VH1: Boo!  Did we scare you? Oh, sorry.  No seriously, come back.  We have some spooky celebrity costumes & also a lot of side boob!
  • VH1: Ghosts, ghouls and gigantic boobs!  All the things VH1 is most famous for on this week’s wrap-up!
  • VH1: Washed up celebrities dressed as other washed up celebrities!  The world just exploded.  Check out the weekly wrap-up!
  • VH1: You know what’s spooky? The amount of penecillin needed to keep the VH1 family’s VD under control.  Happy Halloween.  Click here
  • VH1: Boo! Flavor Flav is going to try to kiss you! Shit’s getting real scary over here on the weekly wrap-up.

To sign up for and see what actually makes the cut for real you can text VIP to 22422 if you feel so inclined.


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