The Many Languages of Dogs

Sometimes Often, I think about really pointless things.  One reoccurring question is: do animals that live in different countries speak different languages?  In other words, would a Chinese dog be able to understand an American dog’s bark?  My personal position on this topic has been: ‘No, they would not understand each other.’  Unfortunately I never had any empirical evidence to prove this point until now:

Maybe it’s racist to assume this is true of all Asian dogs from this one video, but c’mon this dog is super Asian.


2 responses to “The Many Languages of Dogs

  1. Don’t make fun of that dog, i think he, is having a nightmare.

  2. i’m not making fun of that particular dog. i was just using it as an example of the different languages dogs of the world use. calling something asian isn’t making fun of it 🙂

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